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Photograph and Geneology

Images of Hackettstown
There is no better way to revisit and reminisce about eras gone by than through photographs.The Historical Society’s photograph collection gives us a glimpse into Hackettstown’s former residents; their families, the places they lived, the businesses they built, people they socialized with with, and the lifestyles they led. Photographs are a timeline, quietly detailing how the people and the area changed over the years with each new generation.

The photographs available both on this site and in the Museum provide insights into the lives of the people and the places that contributed to the history of Hackettstown.

School Days
In 1883, the first students graduated from Hackettstown High School. It boasted a class of eleven; eight girls and three boys. The principal at the time was E.K. Richardson.With few exceptions, photographs of the first and subsequent graduating classes remain. Click the picture for the year below to see the students from the late 19th and early 20th century.